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Thanks to all of you

1928 - 2019

Exactly a year ago today after being at my fathers’ hospital bedside for nine days my wonderful dad sadly died from his injuries having tragically been hit by a car outside the family home.  He was such a wonderful, gentle, selfless and loving man and he will be so missed.

He fought so hard to make it through and I’m sure that was only because he was worried about my mother’s future without him. But five days in the doctors took away the drips feeding him nutrients and water saying there’s no hope of him surviving and he’ll soon slip away. But, still he fought on for another four days and it felt like a betrayal which has haunted me ever since.       

My poor mother was beyond distraught and rapidly went downhill in terms of her mental and physical health. Not too surprising really as they’d been together almost 66 years. In 1953 having left the RAF to join the Theatre as a singer my father, Raymond, was out walking in Kensington Gardens and saw my mother alone feeding the swans. He asked to borrow some bread and just seven weeks later they were married and he spent the rest of his life dedicated to my mother and his children. Even after losing their first child and being penniless in those early years they just got on with life and I have so much respect for the war generation with their plucky spirit and ‘make do and mend’ outlook - unlike the throw away society we live in today. There can’t be too many of that generation left now and sometimes its good to take inspiration from the past to shape a better future for us all.  


I didn’t really have time to properly mourn the passing of my father as looking after my mother was so overwhelming and challenging that I didn’t realize the impact it all had on me until she finally had to go into a care home where she could have 24 hour care. It was the love and wisdom from a few special people in my life that helped me through my lowest times and showed me a way out of the darkness.  


Anyway sooner or later it had to happen - as the best way I know how to show the effect last year had on me - is to write it down in a song.


So here it is finished exactly one year to the day after that tragic day. Although we’re about to go back in the studio and nearly finished our second album, due to the Corona Virus, we’re unsure when we’ll be able to play live but we hope to be performing soon once the warmer weather has hopefully calmed things down. 


Please feel free to download and share the song if you wish.  


Stay safe


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